Medieval carvings and sculptures

There are a number of varieties of medieval sculptures and carvings that make beautiful decorative accents in both tradition and contemporary homes.
At David Charles Antiques we have a few good examples of different kinds.

Choose Beautiful Gothic Sculpture

Gothic art and architecture was at one point in time associated with the dark and mysterious. But in reality what the Gothic style did for the churches was the exact opposite. It brought sunshine to the holy churches with its unique and peculiar designs. With its roots in the Romanesque architectural style, this style primarily developed into the ecclesiastical architecture.

Domestic Treen & Oak Boxes

At David Charles Dodge Antiques we always try to find the rarest and the most unique antique items possible to add to our repertoire. These items always give a fascinating glimpse into the past and are usually very decorative too

Country Furniture helps transform your house into a welcoming home

Charming antique country furniture can help transform any house into a very welcoming one with its warm and cozy appeal. What makes this style all the more special is the fact that everything about the country style is inspired from the nature’s palette. Sometimes sparse and at times loud, sometimes rustic while sometimes very chic, no matter what the appearance may be, country style always manages to maintain it rustic and attractive appearance. The appearance of this furniture style has an air of relaxed charm and the beautiful shades coupled with simple earthy designs make these all the more appealing in the contemporary spaces as well.

Antique Beakers and Tankards

During the times when technology wasn’t so advanced, people were often very resourceful and made use of the readily available materials around them for their everyday domestic items. The drinking beakers are an example of such items created from local materials. These were often used at home for domestic purposes.

Virgin enthroned with child Camille Fauré

Camille Fauré was a celebrated artist from the early 19th century. He had his workshop in Limoges from where he worked for almost 5 decades and went on to become one of the most famous enamel artists of his time. His work exhibited at the 1925 International Exhibition in Paris gave name to the Art Deco style.

See Us At The Royal Horticultural Halls - 20 November

We will be exhibiting at the Royal Horticultural Halls in Victoria London on the 20th November.
Run by Adams Antiques Fairs it will be a nice and busy one day fair in this

Find Antique Oak Furniture

Oak is a type of wood that gives you furniture which apart from being very durable is attractive and appealing too. The darker shade of antique oak furniture manages to stand out amidst the brighter hues of the much other furntiture. Although antique oak is usually presented in the darker colour tones, actually the range of colours in this furniture ranges from a warm honey colour to a shiny reddish hue and even a deep mellow brown tone.

Unique Gifts Ideas at David Dodge Antiques

Looking out for a unique gift? Although this is no easy task, we would like to suggest a few.
At David Dodge Antiques, we have this amazing variety of antique metalware that will make great gift options.
Antiques are the most valuable collectibles and make a great decorative addition to any room. A selection from our metalware range will make a unique and classic addition to your home.
The pictured folky Cat & Mouse silhouette Weathervane is a prime example of such a unique gift.

A guide to buying Welsh oak furniture

Choosing the right kind of furniture especially antique can be quite a task. It is always better to have some knowledge before you invest in antiques. Talking of oak furniture, there are quite a few things that you should give a thought to before you pick up your antique oak furniture piece. If your eyes are set on certain oak furniture options there are a few questions that you should ask yourselves before going any further.

How to find early oak antiques

Oak furniture has been popular throughout history. Many of the older furnoiture is still around today as antique oak furniture is long lasting and has a timeless appeal. The colour of antique oak is usually darker than modern oak furniture but both antient and modern are strong and durable.

Antique Rushlight Holders Make Great Christmas Gifts

Choosing the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest is never such an easy task.
We would suggest one of the most stunning and unique gift items from the world of antiques is one of these rushlight holders. We currently stock three different ones that all precede the advent of the candlestick.

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