Virgin enthroned with child Camille Fauré

Camille Fauré was a celebrated artist from the early 19th century. He had his workshop in Limoges from where he worked for almost 5 decades and went on to become one of the most famous enamel artists of his time. His work exhibited at the 1925 International Exhibition in Paris gave name to the Art Deco style. Amongst his early work pieces were many floral and figurative patterns in bold hues. However what set him apart in the art deco style was his very creative geometric designs. His Geometric designs in strong bold colours were full of chevrons, lozenges, diagonals and stripes while the floral motifs were in beautiful delicate hues like blue, pinks, lavender and whites and ranged from natural as well as stylized patterns.

At David Charles Dodge Antiques we are proud to have recently acquired one of his beautiful medieval enameled Portrait of the Virgin. Getting its inspiration from Hans Memling`s Painting, Virgin enthroned with child, this beautiful painting by Limoges master artist Camille Fauré is one true masterpiece. It portrays the virgin seated, swathed in a red robe holding the child with her head slightly looking downwards towards him.
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