Medieval carvings and sculptures


A roof boss is a decoration in stone or wood which covers the cross panelling of a roof or ceiling intersection. There are different kinds of roof bosses available, right from the 13th century simple design to grotesque and human faces, green men, symbols of Christ’s passion, heraldic shields, foliage and animals. The designs are varied and make a very unique inclusion in the home.
Tracery panels are also an important part of our collection. The Gothic Traceries made an important element of the Gothic style. A Tracery by definition is the stonework element that supports the glass in a Gothic window and was a common feature of Gothic architecture. These were also widely used in screens, panels, windows etc. A good example is this good pair of Gothic Oak tracery panels , crisply carved with leaf and bud decoration. From the 16th Century


Then we also have a Gothic French oak linenfold panel

Gothic French Oak Linenfold Panel at £200. This Gothic French linenfold panel has with straight folds & cusped crocket arches.
From France  from 16th Century This 16th Century piece from France is a beautiful decorative piece for the contemporary homes. Linenfold is a simple style of relief carving used to decorate the wood panelling with a design imitating a window tracery.

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