Hello & Welcome


 I suppose I fit somewhere into the catagory of period oak & country. Not strictly period but there again not exclusively  country .. a bit in between .. across the board so to speak .. with some primitive pieces, folk art objects .. and just maybe every now again very good decorative objects, but always with an emphasis on originality and Integrity.
An Englishman`s home is his castle .. ..and we do every now and again like putting good pieces of furniture and  objects in it... those pieces when all tied together give us our own Identity, these things that we own connect us in various ways to the piece in question whether it be purely from an academic point of view to just maybe  a decorative look that we like .. but I suppose what connects us all is for the love of old wood ..... the feel of it ... the look of it, the different depths of its skin, the knocks the blemishes the small indentations .. maybe the quirky way one leg on that chair just kicks out slightly differently  to the other  but just looks so pleasing to the eye... just very Individual ...well that`s enough of me rambling on!  

Hopefully you enjoy what you see.. but more importantly just love and appreciate these old wooden survivors not just on my site but others as well, who try to keep
 our sometimes forgotten history alive!