Antique Rushlight Holders Make Great Christmas Gifts


Choosing the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest is never such an easy task.

We would suggest one of the most stunning and unique gift items from the world of antiques is one of these rushlight holders. We currently stock three different ones that all precede the advent of the candlestick.
- We have an unusual 19th Century Cast Iron Rushlight Holder at £385. This Late 19th Cast Iron Rushlight Holder was featrued in Robert Ashley's Book  Rushlight and Related Holders.  figure 197.
- At £575 we have a Late 18th / 19th Century Brecon style painted conical Rushlight
- At £375 we have a Welsh Tripod Rushnip Holder from the late 18th 19th Century. It has a  wrought Iron tripod base with  broard triangular arrow jaws, twist stem.pointed knop counter.
Possibly Cardiganshire / Merionetshire area.

Antique candle sticks are one of the most valuable collectibles and also make an elegant addition to any room. If you are planning on gifting these antique beauties to a connoisseur of antiques, you can give a little attention to detail as per preferences such as the manufacturing era, style, production methods, materials used etc as the design significantly depends on these details.
Antique rushlight holders are a great decorative accessory that should enhance most decors and make wonderful gifts.