Antique Beakers and Tankards


During the times when technology wasn’t so advanced, people were often very resourceful and made use of the readily available materials around them for their everyday domestic items. The drinking beakers are an example of such items created from local materials. These were often used at home for domestic purposes.
The drinking beakers were made of horns such as of antlers probably since these were very easily available for tableware. We have a classic set of Scottish Horn Beakers belonging to the 19th century. The strong dense colour seen throughout on these beakers looks good giving it a very earthy feel. Such drinking beakers are all the more special as they remind us of the old times when people were very resourceful as opposed to the machine made artificial things of today. This set consists of three sizes in distinct colour tones.
Another very unique item in our collection is a pair of 19th century Scottish Horn Tankards. These small beautiful tankards have a superb graduated colour all over making these look stunning. The graduated colour and the unique markings on this tankard are very distinct. The ‘Game of Thrones’ series, has brought in added fame to these very traditional items. Head to our ‘Latest Arrivals’ section to have a look at the pictures and details of these items.