Large Turned Dairy Bowl


Antique Acrobat / Juggling Ash Pins


Large Symbolic Treen Token 18th/19th Century


Irish Shillagaeh Sir Alfred James Newton Bart


Georgian Fruit wood Candlestick


English Encaustic Medieval Tile.


Large American Sycamore Painted Bowl 18oos


Small English Turned Sycamore Bowl 19th Century


English Sycamore Platter 19th Century.


English Treen Beechwood Octagonal Trencher 16th / 17th Century


English Architectural Stained Lead Glass Element


Colonial Spanish Dated Powder Horn


XVIth Century Stained Glass Profile Head Of A Woman


Ottoman Sherbet Spoons 19th Century.


Welsh Folk Art Oak Panel CYMRO DEWR


Scandinavian Birch wood Marriage Bowl

Heart Decorated Snuff Shoe 19th Century


19th Century Burr Yew wood Table Mirror


Nevers Lion & Cannon Ball


Carpenters Coat Of Arms


Savona Albarello Jar 18th Century


"The Satyrs Harvest " Italian Baroque Oil On Canvas


Heraldic Wall Sconce .


Miniature Casket 17th Century

English Minature Sandglass 19th Century


" In The Stocks" Oil On Copper Plate 18th Century


Bartmann Krug XVII th


The Goats Hoof Cheese Board