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English Oak Blacksmith (Farrier) Late 1800s


Scandinavian Mangle Board 1700s


Art Populaire / Folk Art Candle


Large American Sycamore Painted Bowl 18oos


Small English Turned Sycamore Bowl 19th Century


English Sycamore Platter 19th Century.


English Field Maple Scoop Spoon


Cornish Folk Art Sycamore Spoon 19th Century Treen


English Treen Beechwood Octagonal Trencher 16th / 17th Century


Pine Wood Grater Rhóne -Alpes Region 18th/19th C

Love Spoon Art Populaire 1800s


Highly Unusual Frog Snuff 1800s


English Architectural Stained Lead Glass Element


Colonial Spanish Dated Powder Horn


Christ In Bronze XVI - XVIIth


Embriachi Workshop XV th Century Courting Couple


Stone Fragment Vine Scrolls Leaf & Bud


Early 18th Century Knife & Fork




18th Century Welsh Oak Chest


XVIth Century Stained Glass Profile Head Of A Woman


St Paul Oval Enameled Copper Plate XVIIth


Oak Sculpture Head of Dionysus / Bacchus XVIIth C


Portrait Of A Young Man Grelain Oil On Card Dated 1607


17th Century Oak Profile Panel


17th Century Birds & Beast Oak Panel


17th Century Oak Horseman Panel


Ottoman Sherbet Spoons 19th Century.


Ottoman Sherbet Spoons 19th Century.


Provincial Oak Offertory Box XVII - XVIII th


English Leather Costrel


Small Beech Wood & Tooled Leather Casket XVIth


English Lead Glass Quatrefoil panel 16th Century & Later


Wrought Iron Pricket Stick C 1700


Italian 17th Century Oak & Walnut Armchair