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Heart Decorated Snuff Shoe 19th Century


English Primitive Turners Chair Early 18th Century


Estate Made Painted Pine Tack Board Late 1800s


Gritstone Gargoyle France 13th Century.


Gloucestershire 17th Century Boarded Chest


Miniature Coffre en Bois XVIII


North Country Oak Coffer 17th Century


19th Century Burr Yew wood Table Mirror


Nevers Lion & Cannon Ball


Carpenters Coat Of Arms


Painted Wax Cast Head of Medieval Woman


Meerschaum Pipe Dated 1812


The Lion Of St Mark Oak Panel 19th Century.


Irish Wrought Iron Rushnip 18th Century.


Small 17th Century Oak Chest Of Drawers


Arma Christi Weapons Of Christ Wood Relief 18th Century


Corpus Christi Bronze C1500

Oak Romayne Head 16th Century.

17th Century Oak Man In A Niche


French Provincial Hall Mirror XVIII th.


16th Century Stained Glass Fragment


16th Century Stained glass


16th Century stained glass symbol


A Longleat Lion XVI th Century.


16th Century Nobleman Oak Panels

Savona Albarello Jar 18th Century