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Georgian Fruit wood Candlestick


Swedish 17th Century Silver spoon


English Lark-Spit / Standing Toaster


Nuremberg 17th Century Tudor Rose Alms Dish


Folk Art Sconces 19th Century Bavaria


Wrought Iron Trivet / Grill


Early19th Century Treen Reynard The Fox Snuff Box


Miniature Bronze Cast Iron Maiden C1880 -- C1920


St Nicholas Lead Stained Glass 19th Century.


Circular Lead Glass Roundel Dated " 1888"


Saint John Evangelist 19th Century


English Encaustic Medieval Tile.


Antique 19th Century Beaker


Inuit Art Caribou Jawbone Bone Knife


Peerman Early Lighting 18oos


Slab Top Figured Elm Low Table / Stool


English Oak Blacksmith (Farrier) Late 1800s


Scandinavian Mangle Board 1700s


Art Populaire / Folk Art Candle


Large American Sycamore Painted Bowl 18oos


Small English Turned Sycamore Bowl 19th Century


English Sycamore Platter 19th Century.


English Field Maple Scoop Spoon


Cornish Folk Art Sycamore Spoon 19th Century Treen


English Treen Beechwood Octagonal Trencher 16th / 17th Century


Pine Wood Grater Rhóne -Alpes Region 18th/19th C

Love Spoon Art Populaire 1800s


Highly Unusual Frog Snuff 1800s


English Architectural Stained Lead Glass Element


Colonial Spanish Dated Powder Horn


Christ In Bronze XVI - XVIIth


Embriachi Workshop XV th Century Courting Couple


Stone Fragment Vine Scrolls Leaf & Bud


Early 18th Century Knife & Fork




18th Century Welsh Oak Chest


The Arts... Bronze Double - Sided Plaque 6 Names 19th Century


Oak Sculpture John The Baptist