Enquiry for: Arma Christi Weapons Of Christ Wood Relief 18th Century

 Arma Christi Weapons Of Christ Wood Relief 18th Century

Complex and incredibly detailed carving in relief work of the passion of Christ which is also known as Arma Christi or weapons of christ . Intricately carved from one piece of wood ( similar to early pierced tracery work) shows the crucifixtion of Christ surrounded by symbology associated with the Instruments of passion in christian Art.The relevance of this carved piece showing Christ achieving his conquest over Satan. the whole piece is carved in a classical manner with great detail of the passion set within gilided frame.
  Reference to of some of the Intruments below.
  The Cross 
  The column ( the flagellation)
  The Lantern Used by the arresting soldiers at the betrayal
  The Holy Lance  ( the final of the five wounds )
   The Sun & The Moon  ( The eclipse which happened during the passion)
  The Hand ( which slapped Jesus face.
   The Ladder ( used for the Deposition of Christ)
    The Sword of St Peter .
    The Vessel  The washing of Pilate`s hands.
    The money Bag / silver pieces  ( the betrayal Judas )

     The small sculpture of christ which is applied is very well sculptured with great  anatomical  defination  & detail, the whole piece is polychromed and gilded with a fabric backing.

Origins European France.
Early 18th Century.