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XVI th Century Retable Flagellation Of Christ

North European XVI th Century  Flanders Retable, Flagellation Of Christ.
 Christ is shown here tied to a post / column, also sometimes known as Christ at the column
   Grotesque faced mercenaries employed by Pontius Pilate , mock  whip & flog with birches, while four men 
  under a niche to the left watch over the procession , possibly one being Pontius Pilate ( lower right ) . the Retable is 
  carved from a single piece of oak, Christ & his assailants carved  two thirds in the round, the others in high relief, the retable has a naive style quality which has been intended, although there is great detail to various elements of this carved piece of work. 
 Origins North European Possibly Flanders
  1500 - 1550 Oak Retable 
   Dimensions Height 49 cm Width 54 cm Depth 9 cm