Enquiry for: Irish Shillagaeh Sir Alfred James Newton Bart

 Irish Shillagaeh Sir Alfred James Newton Bart

Irish blackthorn Shillagaeh, with a nice back story to this piece.. the shillagaeh has a silver shamrock at the base,a green shamrock leaf & carved harp at the club end, engraved on the Silver Shamrock is the name Sir Alfred J Newton Bart Dec 1911 . Sir Alfred James Newton Bart 1st Baronet was a entrepreneurial chap of his time , other than being the lord mayor of London in 1900 he was behind several big flotation game changers on the London stock exchange of retail outlets, including Harrods where he was chairman for a while and Dh Evans , he was also very active elsewhere with a directorship in a Norfolk Suffolk Brewery , Interests in New Zealand gold mining company and numerous other business ventures .. the Irish connection comes in to play where he was made Governor of the Honorable The Irish Society 1906 -1921 where he worked with other businesses in i believe County Londonderry there he raised an appeal for equipping the City Imperial Volunteer Force, he also raised huge sums of money to restore the town hall londonderry after a terrible fire that practically raised it to the ground, this shillagaeh is most probably a gift from the Londonderry businesses for the work that he carried out as Governor for the time he was there. In 1921 at the grand age of 75 Sir Alfred collapsed & died outside his car by Harrods, the coroners verdict of his death was linked to strychnine poisoning
a mystery which still stands today.