Enquiry for: 17th Century English Provincial Folk Art

17th Century English Provincial Folk Art

 A rare piece of 17th Century English Provincial Folk Art Story telling
 Double sided oil on oak panel.This bawdy-ish piece of provincial art is named as the Amorous couple as one side shows a couple the husband with his arm around his wife, the wife showing a somewhat revealing pose to the onlooker with the scripture beneath saying
"What behynd this bourd doeth lye none shall no but my wife and i"
In which suggesting to the onlooker that if you turn the board over you may find something even more revealing and interesting!! . So in turning over the board you are greeted by an amazing demonic cat with two tailes hissing back at you, with the words beneath as follows.
"Now sir,you sir, that sir hath sir tacken downe this bourd efaith sir,Yow shall see sir and percave sir that you are but a prying knave sir,behoeld a cat with two tailes sir ,kiss betweene them for you paine sir,and the hang yp the bourd again sir.!!
A very unique piece of English Provincial early folk art which possibly suggesting to the referral of " Now sir you Sir" might of hung in a more exclusive tavern / coffee house 
of its day.
Ref  Sold @ Christie`s July 16th 1998 British Picture Sale Lot 55