Just a few examples of pieces that David has sourced & sold over the years.

18th Century Pollard Oak Tilt Top Table

English Medieval Oak & Iron - Bound Casket 15th/16th Century

Early 17th Century Wainscot Chair Gloucestershire C1640

West Country Primitive Candle Stand


Surrey Sussex Rushlight

Monumental Irish Rushlight

17th Century Chest Of Drawers

Rare 17th Century Yorkshire Fruitwood & Oak Chair

17th Century Joyned Chest

18th Century West Country Primitive


Welsh Sycamore Cricket Table

English Medieval Oak corbel

Rare Rippled Burr Ash Mortar 18th Century

Architectual Newel Post Urn 18th Century

Welsh Wrought Iron Rushnip

Welsh Ash Base Rushlight

Large Sculptural Figured Dugout Bowl

One Goose In The Maynard Watercolour 19th Century

Welsh Parrot Beak Rushlight On Oak Base

Welsh Rushlight On Patinated Block Base

Primitive Ash Stool

17th Century Leather Costrel

Tinder Box

Large Painted Candlebox

The George Wostenholm & Sons Cutlers Stool

17th Century Oak Slope Front Desk Box

17th Century English Bronze Mortar

Small 16th Century French Mortar

English Fruitwood Standing Rushlight On Cruciform Base

Gothic Oak Tracery Panels 16th Century

St Micheal & The Dragon 16th Century

English 16th Century Gothic Oak Scripture Panel


Elizabethan Oak Atlantis & Caryatid

English Oak Green Man

Oak Figure Of A Saint 17th Century

Gothic French Oak Linenfold Panel

16th Century Folky Figurative Terms

Early 18th Century wrought Iron Candle Holder


English Miniature Pewter Trumpet Candlesticks


17th Century Folk Art Huntsman

Tudor linenfold Panels 1550

Small Oak Candle Box

Early Tudor Bench End Henry Vlll

Gothic Oak Bench End Cornwall 1400s

English Gothic Bench End 15th Century


English Beech Wood Platter 18th Century

Small 16th Century German Salt Glazed Tankard

Small Elizabethan Boarded Chest

15th Century Medieval Oak Corbel

18th century PrimitiveC Child's comb back

18th C George Ist Country Made Walnut Arm Chair

16th Century Oak French Coffre Front

17th Century Oak Charles 1st Joynt Stool

English Oak Tudor Rose Roof Boss

17th Century Oak Corbel

Medieval Oak Roof Boss 15th Century

Welsh Sycamore Primitive Chair

18th Century West Country Windsor Chair

Welsh Primitive Comb back Chair

Late Medieval Stone Sculpture. Angel

Late Medieval Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi 15th Century

English Trumpet Candlestick

Surrey Sussex Rushlight

Welsh Rushlight Late 18th Century

English Oak Ark

17th Century Oak Boarded Chest

Elizabethan Boarded Chest

Welsh Primitive Low back Chair

Sculptural Welsh Low Back

Chunky Welsh Low Back Chair

Primitive Beech Wood Form

English Ash Form 19th Century

Trestle Table. Pine 19th Century

French Romayne Oak Portrait Panels

Jester oak Panel

English Oak Green Man Heads

Thomas Dennis Oak Chest

Gloucestershire Oak Chest

Westmoreland Oak Chest

Fear God Dated Scottish Pine Armchair 1685

17th Century Oak Armchair

Sycamore Comb back Chair

English leather Tankard & Jack

Spice Cupboard

English Oak Mural Cupboard

Bellarmine Jug


Large 17th Century Bellarine

Late Tudor Oak Chest 16th Century

16th Century Oak Boarded Chest

17th Century Oak Chest

Harlequin Set Of Yorkshire / Derbyshire Chairs


Welsh Oak Press Cupboard

English 17th Century Press Cupboard

Oak Dresser 18th Century

Child's Primitive Chair

Thames Valley Comb Back Chair

Primitive Hoop Back Chair

Georgian Ember Fire Tongs

19th Century Persuader

Cast Iron Sheep Door Stop. 19th Century

18th Century Peermans

18th Century Boarded Pine Chest

18thC Country Bow Armchair

Monumental Early 19thC Scottish wrought Iron Standing Peerman

West Country Primitive Chair

Thames Valley Comb Back Chair


17th Century Oak Welsh Dragons

Armorial Shield Trinity College Cambridge

Gothic Oak Box

English Oak Marriage Panel 16th Century

Gothic Oak Roof Boss

Thames Valley Primitive Chair

A Very Rare 15th Century Medieval Knight

18th Century English Costrel

17th/18th Century Leather Jack

Leather Costrel

Holy Trinity Panel

Primitive Comb Back

17th Century Wainscot Chair C1650

West Country Closed Back Chair

17th Century Boarded Chest

Tudor Portrait Panels 1550

Scandinavian Treen

English Oak Roof Boss

English BullMastiff Oak Head

St Patrick 17th Century

English Horn Beaker

Tudor Linenfold Door

Domestic Treen & Oak Boxes

Rare Welsh Sycamore Rushlight

17th century Yorkshire Derbyshire Oak Chairs

18th Century Primitive Oak Chair

Running Copper Fox Weathervane

West Country Stick Chair

Painted West Country Oak Boarded Box

Primitive High Hoop Back

Burr Elm Primitive Table

16th Century Romayne Panel

Scottish Horn Tankards

English Sculptured Ash Stool

Scottish Horn Beakers


Scandinavian Bowl


19th Century English Provincial Paintings Oil On Canvas

English Primitive School 19th Century

Unusual Tri - Form Lantern 19th Century

Wrought Iron Down - Hearth Trivet

Folk - Art Cat & Mouse Weathervane

Set Of 6 Cockfighting Drawings & Engravings

Naive Oil on Board Study Terriers

19th Century Welsh Pig Bench

17th Century Bearded folky Man

English School 19th Century Oil On Canvas Studies of Game Cockerels

Late 16th Century Brass Capstan

Small James 1st Dated Oak Box

Large Late 16th Century French Foliage Panel

18th Century English Grisset

Brecknockshire Painted Rushlight Holder

Welsh Comb back Arm Chair

Limoges Enameled Portrait Of The Virgin

English Provincial School 19th Century

Oil on Canvas 18th Century British School

17th Century German Oak Architectural Panel

English Provincial School 17th Century Oil on Canvas

Swan Marks Holdyche Family Dudlington Hall Norfolk C16th

A Story Of A Ship Broker A Rescue & The King Of Sweden

Gothic Tracery


19th Century Old Etonian Graffiti

Provincial Oak & Fruit wood Stool

Henry Viii Oak Boarded Chest 1530 -1550

16th /17th Century German Cylindrical Iron Alms Box

19th Century Cast Lion "Knocker"

Folk Art Watercolour

L18th Century Miniature Turners Chair

L 18th/19th Century Oil On Canvas

Cast Lion

Tavern Puzzle Board

Cutlers Stool

Bank Of Draws Ex Crudingtons of Bath


French 19th Century Folk Art Copper Plated House

Early 19th Century Beech Wood Apothecary Jars

19th Century Snuff Bellows Box

Dairy Stool

Treen Man In The Moon

Burr Ash Table Snuff Shoe

18th Century Treen Almanac / AL-MA-NAK

17th Century English Provincial Folk Art

Early 17th Century Joyned Chest

19th Century Brass Dog Collar

Memento Mori

Welsh Denbighshire Spring Action Holder

Welsh 19th Century Wrought Iron Spring Action Holder

Primitive Oak Chair

15th Century English Limestone Figure

Lion Corbel

Corpus Christi

St Michel XV / XVI

16th Century Oak Boarded Chest

17th Century English Bronze Mortar Attb Suffolk

15th / 17th Century Funerary Stone Fragment

English Oak Roof Angel (15th Century)

19th Century Delft Mural Tiles Of A Hound

18th Century Memento - Mori Pipe Tamper

19th Century Walnut folk art Head (populaire)

English 18th Century Bladder Wine Bottle

Diminutive Ash & Elm Stool

Late XV / XVI German Pricket Candlestick

18th Century German Copper Wine Flagon

17th Century Oak Slat Back Chair

17th Century Oak Yorkshire Back Stool

Charles 1st Oak Armchair

18th Century English Leather Tankard

19th Century Iznik Style Tankard

19th Century Peerman

19th Century Elm Cutlers Stool

18th Century Ember Tongs

Diminutive 17th Century Oak Boarded Chest

17th Century Charles II Joyned Chest

Oak & Elm Primitive Forms

Small 18th Century Chest of Drawers

Charles Ist Oak Joyned Chest

17th Century Oak Mule Chest

West Country Chairs


Watchmakers Sign

XVI Oak Panel

Italian Reliquary XVIII

Clock Hand XIX

18th Century Faience Pottery Greyhounds

Portrait Henry V111 oil on Copper XVIII - XIX

XIX Lion

17th Century Oak Folklore Carving

A Swift Kick Oil On Panel

Nicholas Barnham 1939 - Capel Dewi Carmarthenshire

Dutch Vanitas Oil on Canvas 20thC

XVI th Century Retable Flagellation Of Christ

Marble Relief XVIIIth Century Roman Head

XVI Stone Head

Castile XVI Iron Door Knocker

Christ Wood Sculpture XVI

Wood & Leather Bound Chalice Case

Oak Profile Head XVIth

Italian Renaissance Bronze Candlestick

XVI / XVII Small Copper Alloy Socket Stick

XVI Oak Panel Snake

Elizabethan Oak Strap work casket

Westmoreland Dated Oak Cupboard

Oak Effigy of Christ ( Corpus Christi) 14/ 15th Century

16th Century Nuremberg Alms Dish

17thC Portrait Of A Master Stone Mason. Oil on Oak Panel

18th Century Treen Ash Platter

Chalk-ware King Charles Spaniel

17th Century Oak Drop leaf Table

17th Century Oak Refectory Farmhouse Table

Folk Art Figural Pipe Late 19th Century

19th Century Oak Farmhouse Table

17th Century Diminutive Oak & Walnut Drop leaf Table

Gothic Oak Head XV - XVI

Inlaid Chest

7.5 ft Sycamore Farmhouse Table

Tiny Medieval Oak Coffret XVI

Scandinavian Birchwood Tankard

St George Cutlery Set C1700

Welsh Comb back Chair

Medieval polychromed Stone Tiles XIV - XVI

English Oak Romayne Profile Panel XVI th Century

Spanish Majolica Tazza XVIIIth Century

Tiny Oak Casket XVII

Gothic Pine Element XVIth

19th Century 5 Tier Burr Sycamore Spice Tower

St Peter XVI th Century

XVIIth Century Bronze Candlestick

19th Century Folk Art Figure

Welsh Sycamore Table Rushlight

18 th Century Oak Candle Box

Sycamore Treen Skimmer

16th Century Benefactors Octagonal stained Glass

16th Century Merchants Mark Stained Glass

16th Century English Tiny Bronze Cauldron

17th Century Scandinavian Pewter Spoon

St Joseph of Arimathea Oak Sculpture XVIth

Nuremberg 17th Century Tudor Rose Alms Dish

Mr Hunch Back Art Populaire Snuff Box

Tiny Oak Slope Front Box Circa 1680 --1720

Antique Welsh Love Spoon 19th Century

Early19th Century Treen Reynard The Fox Snuff Box

Miniature Bronze Cast Iron Maiden C1880 -- C1920

St Nicholas Lead Stained Glass 19th Century.

Circular Lead Glass Roundel Dated " 1888"

Saint John Evangelist 19th Century

Chunky Burr Elm Low Stool

18th Century Russian folk art wooden spoon

St Roch 1480 -1500

19th Century Horn Beaker

Slab Top Figured Elm Low Table / Stool

Dated 1631 Chopping Board Alpine Region

Burr Elm Heart Shaped Box

English Oak Blacksmith (Farrier) Late 1800s

Scandinavian Mangle Board 1700s

Rare 17th Century German Biscuit Mould

Pale English Sycamore Treen Skimmer 18th/19th Century

Cornish Folk Art Sycamore Spoon 19th Century Treen

Pine Wood Grater Rhóne -Alpes Region 18th/19th C

Love Spoon Art Populaire 1800s

English Oak Panel Late 16th / 17th Century

Welsh Low Back Primitive Chair

Highly Unusual Frog Snuff 1800s

Romayne Oak Head Early 16th Century

Tiny 16th Century Oak Casket

Miniature Decorated Iron Casket 17th Century

Charlemagne Oak Sculpture XVIth

Stone Head Of A Medieval Crusader

Rare Janus Stone Head 15th / 16th Century

Stone Head of A Man 1400s

XIII th Century Limoges Appliqué figure

Embriachi Workshop XV th Century Courting Couple

Medieval Stone Green Man 12th -13th Century

Stone Fragment Vine Scrolls Leaf & Bud

Early 18th Century Knife & Fork

XIII th Century Lead Glass Fragment

18th Century Welsh Oak Chest

The Arts... Bronze Double - Sided Plaque 6 Names 19th Century

Oak Sculpture John The Baptist

St Paul Oval Enameled Copper Plate XVIIth

Oak Sculpture Head of Dionysus / Bacchus XVIIth C

Romanesque Stone Fragment 12th Century

Oak Sculpture Saint Anthony England Circa 1350

Portrait Of A Young Man Grelain Oil On Card Dated 1607

St Roch`s Dog polychromed sculpture XVI-XVIIth

European School 17th Century Oil on Copper plate

17th Century Oak Profile Panel

17th Century Birds & Beast Oak Panel

17th Century Oak Horseman Panel

Ottoman Sherbet Spoons 19th Century.

Provincial Oak Offertory Box XVII - XVIII th

English Leather Costrel

English Oak Tudor Panel 16thC

Small Beech Wood & Tooled Leather Casket XVIth

English Rose Engine Turned Lignum Vitae Goblet

English Oak Joyned Stool 17th Century

15th Century Medieval Casket

XV - XVIth Copper Alloy Socket Candlestick

Thames Valley Armchair England 18th Century

17th Century Drug Jar Italy.

Lions Head Limestone France C1600

XV-XVIth Century Copper Alloy Candlestick

Primitive Chair

Vernacular Windsor Chair

Flambeau 1680 -1700 Bougeoir

Flemish Copper Alloy Pricket Sticks 17th Century

Oak Lion & Tun 18th Century

English Burr Oak Rushlight Holder & Pricket

17th Century Marble Tomb Sculpture

Illuminated Text Initial B 15th / 16th Century

English 17th Century Crewel Work Fragment

Souls In Purgatory / Saint Lawrence Italian Populaire

Folk Art Sculptured Polychromed Bird

Dated Butchers Bag 18 BP 32 19th Century

Scandinavian Birch wood Marriage Bowl

18th Century Scandinavian Kasa

Folk Art Primitive Wooden Doll 18th Century

Staffordshire Slipware Baking Dish

Welsh Slate Bullseye Doorstop

Irish Folk Art Mahogany Tower & Heart Panel

English Folk Hearts Oak Box IB 1744

18th Century Marine Ivory Figurative Bust.

Welsh Oak Armchair

Primitive rushlight / splint holder on Cruciform Base

Oak Misericord C 1600s

Primitive West Country Comb Back Chair

Primitive Comb Back Chair

Estate Made Painted Pine Tack Board Late 1800s

Thames Valley Armchair 18th Century

Devonshire Rushlight 18th Century.

Apostles Oak Sculpture Germany C.1500

Stone Head Apostle XV - XVI th

Medieval Architectural Iron Corbel Head XIV - XV th

18th Century Surrey / Sussex Table Rushlight

18th Century Hearthside Stool

English Oak Dug - Bowl

English 14th Century Limestone Corbel

Gritstone Gargoyle France 13th Century.

Limestone Corbel Head Of A Man 11 - 13th Century

Thomas Dennis Oak Chest AB 1682

Primitive Boxwood Nutcracker 18th Century

Crucifixion Ivory 14th Century

Gloucestershire 17th Century Boarded Chest

Miniature Coffre en Bois XVIII

Dated English Oak Box 1664

18th Century Primitive West Country Walnut & Ash Chair

Master Metalware Iron Trivet 19th Century

A Cup Of Good Faith. Dated 1747.

St Eloi Oak Sculpture Late 16th Century

1833 - 1901 F.F Oak Panel

The Fencers Accessories Guide 19th Century .

--- Albert---

Something Wicked This Way Comes. Oil on Canvas

Irish Wrought Iron Rushnip 18th Century.

19th Century Hen Biscuit Moulds

Corpus Christi Bronze C1500

Oak Romayne Head 16th Century.

17th Century Oak Man In A Niche

English Nottingham Alabaster Coronation of the Virgin Mary

16th Century Stained Glass Fragment

16th Century Stained glass

Profile of a man Stained glass 16th Century

16th Century Nobleman Oak Panels

Sicilian Oviform Jar C.1700

Charles II Oak & Elm Candlestand

Welsh Oak Rushlight Candleholder

19th Century Elm Stool

Saint Thomas Of Canterbury Oak Sculpture

Three Figures Forming A Lamentation

Candlestick Saint Lucia Wood 1680 -1700

Dated English Iron Mortar

17th Century Walnut Spindle Book Rest.

Upholstered Pine Armchair 17th / 18th Century.

Small Mercurised & Gilded Mirror

Walnut Appliques 18th Century

Miniature Casket 17th Century

Oak Casket England C 1780

Scandinavian Tankard 18th Century

Zoomorphic Door Knocker 17th Century.

17th Century Oak Yorkshire Derbyshire Chairs

Renaissance Profile Panels 16th Century

18th Century Cutlery Boxes.

Sun In Splendour 18th Century Folk Art Panels

Medieval Oak Gable End 15th Century

English Salt Glaze Lion

St John The Evangelist Nottingham Alabaster C.1450

The Resurrection Oak Retable 1500s

The King & His Fool Walnut Portrait Panel XVIth

Bronze Mortar France 17th Century

Oak Portrait Panels XVI th Century

A Flemish Grimacing Lion 16th Century

Primitive Slab Top Oak Pig Bench

Oak Salisbury Credence Table

St Anthony The Great Oak Sculpture 16th Century

Painted Gothic Casket 16th Century.

Medieval Crouching Man Oak Misericord 16th Century.

Welsh Primitive Chair

Rushlight 18th Century Wales.

Walnut Turned Adjustable Book Stand 17th Century

Full Bodied French Copper Cockerel Weather Vane

Primitive Butchers Block 19th Century

17th Century Oak & Inlaid Court Cupboard

Limestone Man Corbel 15th Century France